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Each month I have the joy and privilege of writing for HomeLife Magazine. This is a magazine that features great articles that surround building a strong family.

My monthly feature is near and dear to my heart….Family Nights. FOr years, we have had themed family nights that are based on a biblical devotional. We have had such fun and built some great memories about God’s Word. Teaching your kids the Word does not have to involve Exegetic Romans in the original Greek, but it does take some intentionality. We have found that have activities that reinforce what we are teaching has been super fun and beneficial. I thought I would share a link to the January 2013 HomeLife Magazine and my Hero in the Making Family Time. You can also read the entire magazine online!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Saint Nicholaus Family Night


Have you ever wondered where the tradition of Santa Claus came from? Would you be surprised to know that it came from a man born in the Third Century who was incredibly generous? He was so generous and focused on the needy that history tells us he paid the dowry of three young girls to prevent them from being sold into slavery! While the Santa Claus of today has taken on a much more elaborate storyline, the spirit of generosity is always one to spend a night celebrating with your family!

We created a fun night for our younger kids to learn about St. Nicholaus. Our entire evening was centered around St. Nick and following his lead. Whether you celebrate Santa or choose not to, this is a fun, family night to focus on where the tradition of Santa started and give your family a great night together.

We did use this fun DVD* that I encourage you to get!


Our family nights include all you need to plan for a fun evening. Each night includes a plan for decor, the menu, an activity and a devotional that all tie to the theme of your family night.

Download the Family Night here: St. Nickolaus Family Night

Enjoy and please comment and share!

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How IKEA helps us live Missionally

We have people in our home a lot. Dinners, swimming parties, sleepover, and afternoon play dates are all normal occurences in our home. When we were newly married, we had a couple, who eventually became some of our closest friends, model the power of a simple meal and inviting others to join in.  We rarely went a week, in those early days of marriage where we did not spend an evening in the Swafford home enjoying some home cooking and dessert.  We were not always the only couple there, but rather, we were a part of a revolving door of people who this couple were investing their lives and time in to.

17 years later, we look back and we see a legacy of faith that involves dozens of students now committed to full-time ministry, dozens in the public realm using their influence as leverage for the Gospel and dozens reproducing their lives into future generations.

All because two people opened their home and invited others to gather around the table and talk about life, faith and living fully devoted to making Jesus famous.

Over the years, this became something we just did…not because we are extroverts, or Southern, or throw the best parties. We simply did what was modeled to us over and over again. Moving to two new communities in the past several years, has shown us several things about gathering around the table.

  1. Keep it simple: Shortly after we moved to California, we were having a family over for dinner on a Sunday night. I not only prepped two homemade soups, but made bread bowls from scratch, a dinner salad, sweet tea and a desert. Evidently, new situations and stress bring out my inner Martha Stewart.  A very full Jason said to me afterwards, “Dinner was delicious and thank you for taking the time and effort to make a great meal, but….Don’t do that again. We want to make this easily reproducible. If people think this is what you have to prepare in order to have people in their home, they will not do it…..”  While I love to entertain and have people in our home, I can easily let my whole identity get wrapped up in to the opinions of others and how Pottery Barn my house appears. I want our home to be comfortable, not based on how comfy our chairs are, but rather by the loud, energetic, fun very normal and accepting environment we have around our table.
  2. Invest your Resources in the Right Places: When we began to have weekly rhythms of having people in our home, we knew we were investing and building relationships with others.  Building anything requires some sacrifice and some investment. Knowing we were in a season of building with other people, getting to know them, we looked at our budget, our calendar and our space.  As a recovering entertaining perfectionist, who was living in a rental home, I felt myself resisting having people in our home.  Whether I knew it or not, my actions were saying I needed the approval of others.  I was shutting down the very call God had burning in our souls because I was afraid of what others would think of our very old, very 70’s, very unremodeled home.  The enemy wins every time we believe that others need something from us besides the simple gospel of Christ lived out. The enemy gains ground in the battlefield of keeping us separate from each other when we allow the opinions of others to dictate the very deep, yet central Truth, to love our neighbor. While I love me some IKEA, there is some strategy in having most of our spaces furnished by this amazing, space innovating store. Our $20 coffee table doesn’t need coasters and a constant watchful eye for every condensation drop. We can purchase two large sofas to help accommodate large groups of people opening the Word, praying boldly for one another, sharing struggles and rejoicing in the victories God allows.  Their slip covers can handle the occasional spill and be easily cleaned. Our $79 rugs can look cute but also get footprints on them. Our $5 pillow covers can support backs or be used as floor cushions and be easily tossed into the washing machine.   While IKEA may be very affordable, it does require a bit of time to put together.  Building community and living life with missional intent is going to require time and effort, but in the end, it is so incredibly worth it.

We can open our home, actually use it and not live in fear of things breaking, being ruined or spend our time                    setting limits and boundaries that make people feel uptight and uneasy.  While I love our IKEA furnished home              and every visit there is like Candyland to me, what I value more is the freedom to be ourselves, to create                             an environment where people feel comfortable and see God SHINE.  Not my decor skills or lack there of, not my              cooking or my color scheme, but simply JESUS meeting with us around a table, around a couch and through each person present.

What helps you set others at ease in your home?

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Establishing Back To School Rhythms and Routines

Whoop Whoop! It’s a new school year! For the first time in 14 years, we have all of the StewKids in school.

Can you hear the angels singing or is that just me?

Having four kids in school, with four different pick up times, four different homework assignments, four different reading logs and four different agendas to be signed means I have to have my ducks in a row.  Over the next few days, I am going to share some tips that help our family stay on track.

First, we have to know what our goals are for our family and then look at if our life is actually living those goals out! How are we actually spending our time???

Creating Margin

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” 1 Corinthians 14:33

While this verse is referring to worship, I think the principle is the same for life, especially in our homes. As Moms, we have the incredible opportunity to create an atmosphere of peace or one of confusion. Our goal is not to create systems that are not maintainable, but rather to establish rhythms and predictable patters that will help us accomplish the vision and values we have for our family.

Why do we want to create predictable patterns in our home?

  1. Significance: This establishes what is important in our family
  2. Security: creates a sense of security in our children and gives us the space to speak identity into them. Space for family breakfasts, to read to them before bedtime, and to have time that they can rely upon.
  3. Success: for our families and for your children.

To do this, we first have to start by

  1. Looking at how we currently spend our time and energy.
  2. Determine what is a good use of our time and what is not.
  3. Then by faith, declare what rhythms and patterns we want to establish.

Your home will not be magically organized overnight, but there are some simple, 15 minute tasks that you can do to make Back to School easier!

I would not consider myself an organization expert, but I do know that we have spent many hours in our home, determining our family goals, setting values and vision and then looking at how to best accomplish those things that we were seeking to live out. I learned that for many of those things to happen, we had to streamline some tasks in our home. As we added children, we had to reassess what works. I have made too lofty of goals, only to be left in frustration for myself and my family and I have tweaked a few routines to fit each child.

I am praying that your home will be a well-oiled machine that will leave time for more important things in life. I learned that our schedule was not something I was a slave to, but rather was something that serves us.

God gave us time to protect us. We have the joy of choosing to live for him each day, with an attitude of service to our families and those in our community.

When we adopted Judson three and a half years ago, I realized how I had been so focused on controlling our schedule, our routine, our label maker, that I had forgotten the basics of what our life was to be about. Over the last three years, we have spent a lot of hours refocusing our life around the commands that Jesus gave to go and make disciples of all nations. We looked at how Jesus lived and decided we wanted to imitate Him. In all areas. Jesus spent time with His Father, time with his boys, the Disciples and time with those in the World.

When we looked at how He lived and measured our life against those standards, we saw some areas in need of improvement! So we started creating these rhythms, these predictable patterns by looking at our calendar.

So for two weeks, I tracked all of my activities and determined that I was spending time doing some things well and was watching too much HGTV.

Next, we looked at what could be and became intentional with each day. We made sure we had the predictable rhythm of time with the Father in place. Times of prayer, bible study, worship. We also put predictable patterns of  time as a family on the calendar with family breakfasts, dates with each other, and family dinners. Lastly we put predicable patterns of living out in the world on our calendar that involved having people in our home every week, play dates and sports teams. We also put in time for rest and for play! We have watched our children become used to these rhythms, which have created security in them, that has allowed us to speak into their identity and help us aim at our target which is to live like Jesus and do what HE did.

Our end goal is not Pinterest or a Facebook post that points to how organized we are. Our target is to live out the values and vision we have for our families, which for our family is to live like Jesus did and do what He did. So before we move forward discuss at your table:

  1. What is your goal for gaining time through being a bit more organized?
  2. What are some predictable rhythms you have in your home?

The fact of the matter is that we all have to get our children dressed, pack lunches, get homework done, and teach them proper hygiene. I want to encourage you to look at the time it takes to do all those things in a fresh way so you can then create margin in your home that leads to less stress and more peace!


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How to Guard Your Heart

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

We are in a battle. 

From birth we are taught through words, actions, sights, and sounds what to believe and to value. We are given mixed messages, false securities and are bombarded with images of what a woman should look like, sound like, and live like.  Our identity is up for grabs everyday and we are in a battle to determine where we will root our worth.

I for one am rooting into Christ.

I am believing the Gospel that He died to declare to a world that has for too long built its worth on shifting sands. I am sinking down deep into the soil of GOD’s Truth and CHOOSING to grow in that space. I am going to face the battle for my heart and mind, not as a victim, a complainer, or a martyr anymore, but instead with weapons that have already won the war of our souls.

Because every moment I decide that my identity is found in the horizontal world is every moment where the enemy wins.  We all have triggers, scars that can be ripped open at a moment’s notice, so putting safeguards into place is a wise, strategic move to keeping your heart safe.

We will be tempted to look in the mirror and base our worth on what you see.

We will be tempted to look at the behavior of our kids and base our worth on what others think.

We will be tempted to control circumstances and base our identity in our accomplishments and the praise of man.

So what does it mean to Guard Your Heart? What does that look like when I am scrolling through Instagram? How does that play out when I hear criticism for a decision I have made? What does it look like when my toddler is throwing a tantrum in Target and all eyes are on me? How does it play out when “everyone else” is doing it?

Here is what Guarding Your Heart has looked like for me over the years. I fight for these everyday because I want to walk out my journey reflecting the GLORY of the LORD. I want to call out the LIES that the world tries to sell me and DECLARE that HE is GOOD and because of the SHED blood of JESUS, I am REDEEMED, MADE NEW.  I want that for my man, my children, my friends and for you.

  • Guarding my heart means memorizing Truth and when I feel my emotions leading me to believe that my identity was found in the approval of others, I preach the gospel to myself.  It means recognizing that I am more concerned about their opinion of ME than I am about their opinion of CHRIST. Guarding my heart has meant loosing the fight for the approval of man.


  • Guarding my heart and choosing to walk In All the freedom God died for me to have meant letting go of friendships.


  • Guarding my heart means having Truths that I say to myself like..

               Tomorrow’s freedom is today’s surrender. (thank you All Sons and Daughters)

              God is for me and He is with me.

              The battle is won. He does not need me to advance His Kingdom. The rocks will cry out if


              My worth is not found in the obedience of my children.

             He is enough. You are a GOOD, GOOD Dad.

             That is a First World problem.

  •  Guarding my heart means saying NO to MYSELF. It means there are things I don’t watch, read, engage in or believe. It means there are places I don’t go, relationships I don’t pursue, comments I don’t leave, links I don’t click on and people I unfollow. It means planning out my calendar, living on a budget and creating a meal plan.
  • Guarding my heart means learning to give grace quickly and not be easily offended. It means seeking clarification instead of assuming the worst.
  • Guarding my heart means that I have accountability. I ask women I know and trust to speak Truth into my life and I begin to see the challenge they can bring as a gift to be unwrapped. Guarding my heart means REVEALING my heart to those who will be tender with it, encourage it and speak TRUTH to it.
  • Guarding my heart means letting go of the life I had planned so I can walk out faithfully the one God has for me.  It means recognizing that expectations are not reality.
  • Guarding my heart means learning to celebrate others instead of using my insecurities as an opportunity to criticize and discredit their abilities.  It is understanding that someone else’s AWESOME does not make me LESS THAN. Nor does someone else’s CHILD’S AWESOME make my child less AWESOME.
  •  Guarding my heart means that when I hear criticism, hurtful words, or differing opinions, I am not crushed under the burden of someone else’s view of me, but rather, I actively choose resting in the Truth of God. Then I can hear the criticism, the hurtful words, the differing opinions and receive them with an attitude of learning and grace instead of defensiveness and justification. (this is not easy!)
  • Guarding my heart means I let myself and others off the hook for my happiness and practice how to find Joy in Christ. Guarding my heart means having an eternal perspective, practicing gratefulness and contentment.
  • Guarding my heart means my heart is steady, unwavering, and focused on my Father. It means a calm and a peace in knowing that He is Sovereign and there is not one minute of my day that He did not ordain. I can rest that nothing is wasted and it is all for His glory.
  • Guarding my heart means I let my emotions be a gauge of for my heart instead of a guide for my actions. It means letting my feelings reveal what my heart is believing and not an excuse and a justification to respond in sin. (thanks John Piper blog)

Scripture says to guard our hearts ABOVE ALL ELSE. I think that shows this is a battle worth fighting…..

How do you guard your heart?


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Do You Remember the Day of His Birth?

Today Judson turns 6.

I always feel a deeper connection to Judson’s Birth Mom on this day.  The woman who carried him in her womb, who felt the first tinge of labor pain.

 I wonder if she felt excitement that she was about to meet her child or did she feel nervous that she was about to be responsible for another life?

I wonder where she was when her water broke. Did she have her Mom coaching her through the early stages of labor? Or was she alone and an outcast because of her young age? 

I wonder how long her labor was and if she had someone beside her to encourage her and hold her hand. 

I wonder if the sun was shining of was their rain falling on her roof that day. 

I think about the moment she made that final push and discovered she had  a son. Did she cry for joy, count his toes, touch his nose, and marvel at how perfect he was? On that first night did she just hold him close and snuggle him? 

Did she have any idea she would only hold this perfect baby boy for 19 months? Was fear rising within her because she didn’t know how she was going to provide for him? Did she know she would one day entrust a foreign, unknown American family to raise her son?

I think about this new baby boy too. How much did he weigh? How long was he? Did he have a lot of hair? Was he hard to soothe or was he an easy newborn? Did he like to sleep on his back or his side?

Did he feel completely loved in those first moments? 

And then I think about that day six years ago and I have zero recollection of what I was doing on the day this baby boy was born. According to @kelstew, I was “Out and about doing some work,” and I was “Trying a diet cherTy limeaid for a change. Living on the Edge this Friday afternoon.” While hopefully what I share on social media is a bit more thought provoking these days, the reality is that I don’t remember. 

I bear the name Judson’s mom and I have no idea where I was on the day of his birth. 

While I grieve the lack of information on this day six years ago, I also rest in the knowledge that God knows every detail of each moment of Judson’s life. While I can’t share with him how big he was or what the day was like, I can point him to the One who does. I can point him to his Heavenly Father who breathed life into his lungs and has orchestrated every step he will take, who knew Judson would begin his life in rural Africa, loved by one Mom and continue his journey with a mom, who lived in a far off place, with skin that does not match his own at the age of 2.  

I think about Judson’s Africa Mom today. I hope she has moments today where she remembers him, the day she gave birth, the smell of his baby skin and the love she has for him. I pray she rests in the knowledge that he is safe, he is healthy and he is loved. I’m thankful she has her own memories with him that are hers alone. I treasure the thought that there is knowledge in her heart and mind about her Obsi that no one else can know. 

Judson turns six today. 


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Living to Tell

Adoption is obviously a big deal to us and I am constantly reminded of how it is a true picture of the Gospel. We, as believers, have been adopted by the Father and given a new name, a new identity and the same inheritance as that of Christ. 

Recently, I have been given new ways to share about adoption. The first was through guest lecturing for a couple of college classes in an Adoption focused class.  We shared about the International Adoption process. I loved being able to dust off the Adoption Social Worker hat and share the technical part of adoption. I also was able to weave in our adoption story. They had a ton of questions. We were encouraged by their interest. 

A couple of weeks later we were able to share in another college class. Judson’s preschool teacher, Kristian, teaches at a local college in the Early Childhood Education department. She asked Jason and I to come and share about Adoption, brain development in children from hard places and how it effects their learning.   I really loved this side of it because it is what we have lived and how we have seen tremendous progress and growth. 

Lastly, I was asked by our friends, Greg and Angela Pullen to travel with them as they go to China to pick up their son.  They wanted to take their three kiddos with them, but also wanted to be able to focus on their new little one. I was super excited to be able to go.  Jason was a trooper and so kind to let me go because this isn’t a short trip. And in case you haven’t forgotten, we have four active kids, who live on the opposite side of the country from our parents and built in help. 

So I’m in China and seeing adoption from another perspective. I’m seeing it from the point of view of an adoptive Mom, an adoption social worker and a friend. Either way, it is a blessing to share what God has taught me, to walk this journey with our friends and see a child come to life with the love of a family. 

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Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Family Night




SO…anyone have any idea who the heck St. Patrick was?

Me either, so I decided to changed that and discovered, he was one cool dude.

If you are curious about what the shamrock really means…check out this LuckyFamilyNight I wrote to help you and your family celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a way that is more than drinking green milk and eating corned beef.

Let me know what you think!

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The Year of

2014 will be a year marked by change and transition. A year of uprooting and resettling. The enormity of navigating a huge move for our family took its toll on us all. We learned, oh how we learned, more and more about our call to follow Jesus, firmly embracing the Truth of His Word and grounding our hearts and minds in Him Alone.

I used To think the moments made up the Stew Family Adventures when, in actuality, the journey is the adventure. The adventure is the daily journey with Jesus. No matter where you walk it, a
life lived out for your Savior will always involve a bit of risk and sacrifice, but oh the Joy that comes from clinging to the sheer fact that He is enough.

I learned that in 2014.

He is my greatest adventure, the journey and destination all wrapped into One. I learned more about anchoring my identity to The Truth of who the Father has declared me to be…not the words of others, the behaviors of my children, the number on the scale, the Pinterest worthiness of my home. In my 41st year, I let go of some of those hindrances, those easy entanglements and learned that guarding your heart and mind isn’t just for single and searching 20 year olds. The guarding simply looks different. The narrowing never stops so the fences never end. They just shift.

I felt the stirring that our days are not guaranteed, they are but a mist and I really want mine to count for the Kingdom of God. End of story…or just the beginning.

Each year, I pray through what word the Lord wants me to embrace, work through and develop. This year, He clearly led me to one distinct area of my life that could use some pruning!

2015 will be the Year of GRACE.

We are nothing apart from it, we are His chosen vessels because of it and we have life Only through it. We receive it to give it selflessly.

I deeply long to be known by the GRACE that radically saved me. I am keenly aware of when I fall short and pray that each day GRACE becomes more of my natural response because I daily walk In the shadows of the GRACE I was freely given.

This verse speaks volumes to me…

“For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”
(‭John‬ ‭1‬:‭16‬ ESV)



I would love to hear your word!!

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Adoption: A Raw Look into the First Year

November is National Adoption Month.


A month that helps raise awareness for children awaiting adoption in the foster care system. Our adoption journey began 4 years ago this month. Our journey to bring Judson home was fairly easy compared to most until the day it wasn’t.  After we brought him home the long days of waiting felt like a cake walk. I can say now that I needed the hard days because it was during those days that God began a much harder process of redeeming the broken that lingered in me. Toddler adoption became more than just helping our sweet boy adjust. His journey became the vehicle God would use to shift many areas of my heart and life that needed to be moved.  This was a letter I wrote myself one year in to help me process all that had happened. When I wrote it, I never knew if I would ever share it.  My prayer is that for anyone who is in the midst of struggle, this will bring hope. For anyone in the midst of waiting, that is will bring perpsective.  For anyone in the midst of contemplating adoption, that it will bring truth.  Please let me know what you think.


Dear Kelly

I wanted to write a letter to the you of one year ago.

I wanted to let you know that you were absolutely clueless. You had no idea of the depth of what would be required of you. You had read the books, knew all the lingo, counseled parents for three years about adoption, but you truly had no frame of reference with which to speak so casually. Sweet Kelly, hold on to these few moments of ease, because that is not anything you will experience over this next year.

I want you to know that the first time you bathe Judson, you will want to throw up. To physically see the life that he has endured in the sunken, infected flesh will give you your first glimpse of what is before you. When you enter a room, he will cry. When you leave a room, he will cry, too. More quickly than you can imagine, you will see your life look like a prison and you have no idea how quickly you will be released, or worse yet, will you ever have any freedom.

And then, naïve Kelly, you will feel tremendous guilt and uncertainty over the depth of fear and uncertainty you feel as a result of this precious child.

You will learn to live in two worlds.

The world inside your home of biting, kicking, hitting, screaming, disobedience, exhaustion, chaos and trauma and the world outside that you will walk, desiring to paint a picture that life is not as hard as it is, that adoption is all roses and sunshine and that with just a little time and love, all will be ok.  You will quickly learn that toddler adoption is a whole different issue that few have knowledge or expertise in.  You will see God begin to strip you of every thought but of getting through the next hour and today.

And Kelly, I know you don’t understand what I am about to say, fully, but you will grieve. You will grieve the loss of childhood that this precious child did not have. You will also mourn the loss of time with your other three children and feel on a daily basis like you have let them down. You have been quickly impatient and tried to negate the feelings of loss they have because, you know, GOD called us to this and this is HIS journey for us. The pep talk and reminders you are giving them, is the mantra you need to be reminded of over and over. You will feel anger on their behalf at the aggression inflicted on them, your precious children, at the hand of, your other precious child. These dual feelings of guilt and anger and intense commitment will rage a war in your mind and heart that you will not know how to process.

You are a trained counselor, an adoption case worker, have two Masters degrees, have written articles about building strong families and you have no clue what to do.

You will also be moved to tears when you look at your three biological children and see the depth of love and commitment they have for each other. You will weep and look in awe as they LOVE and ACCEPT and FORGIVE. They will RISE, Kelly, not because of anything you have done, but only because of what JESUS is doing through them. They are simply amazing.

Kelly, you will be slow to share the true depth of your emotion or lack there of. After all, this really isn’t what people want to hear and you really would never want to discourage anyone from adoption. But when you do share, you will have zero tolerance for anything that resembles a quick response to the depth of pain, anger and resentment that you are trying so hard to process and redeem. So Kelly, you will withdraw, keep the circle small, be quiet, and pray this is just a phase that you can quickly pass through.

You will also realize that some journeys are not meant to be shared casually, but are uniquely designed to be walked with your Savior.

You have a man who will prove, yet again, that he is the absolute biggest blessing, outside of Jesus, that you will ever receive. He will love you through the hardest of days, challenge you to rise above your emotion and focus on Truth, listen to you, encourage you, pray for you and just simply help you.

You are not in this alone.

Kelly, lest you think that there was no good seen, let me set you straight. You will also get to experience, life, personality, joy, language and love being reborn. You will be stunned at how far he will come.

He will go to sleep without screaming and thrashing around.

He will go into his preschool class with no hesitation after a hug and a kiss.

He will love routine and structure.

He will begin to obey and respect boundaries.

He will gain weight, be healthy and grow from the 20% to the 60%.

He will use words like “delicious” and “adorable” that will show how adorably delicious he is to behold.

He will make you smile and laugh and you will share funny stories about him with your Mom.

He will LOVE you.

He will NEED you….and Kelly….you will begin to surrender to this journey.

You will realize the depth of your need for JESUS, every moment of every day, as a result of this child’s great need for you.

You will fight that with every ounce of your being, but slowly begin to release yourself of any expectation, perception of reality that you have ever had and simply love him.

You will embrace the techniques that help bring order to what had been a wildly chaotic world for him.  You will begin to feel a peace and calm that is not determined by your circumstances or how well your children behave, but from choosing to live according to TRUTH, believing the identity that Christ has given you.

You will be shocked that the very thing that has brought you to the pit of your life came as a result of the most beautiful, amazing, survivor, you have the privilege of calling your own.

Kelly, I know this sounds scary, and hard, and ugly, and you want to run away.

Let me tell you the two things that will get you through this next year….Jesus and your man. There will be times when you will literally drop to your knees and call out to Jesus, because you are at the end of yourself….that is a good thing.

You are not walking this alone. You are more aware of your Savior, His plan to prune away all areas of your life that are not of Him, and use your family to restore and redeem the life of one of His precious children. You are unable to walk this in your own strength for your flesh is so very weak.

But God, HE is strong and mighty and HE will not abandon you.

As I close this letter to you, let me remind you of a few things. Just because you are walking a hard road does not mean you are not right where the Lord wants you. It simply means that the Lord needs to narrow, refine and prune away that which does not bring Him glory. That is the definition of a Christ follower.

Next, is that you need to be real about the reality of adoption. The fact is you need to share about how hard it is and break down the walls between adoptive parents.  There is space that exists between honoring the journey of your precious boy and offering hope and support for those in the trenches with you.

Kelly, this year will be a ride, twisty, long, exhilarating, joyful, scary, high and low, but it is your ride.

Enjoy it, learn from it and hang on. And never forget….it’s going to be worth it…

Your boy is worth it all.


Blessings on your journey,


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