I pray my kids rebel

Rebellion is not something I heartily pray for myself or with my kiddos. Obedience is a huge value in our family, so much so that it is apart of our Stew Family Mission Statement.

Obedience is Better.

We even have catchy phrases we say to our kids like “Obedience brings blessing. Disobedience brings consequences.” Another good one is “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” Or, the phrase I have used 42,387 times “Obedience is right away, all the way and with a good attitude.” You now know that just the fact that I have said it that many times means one or more things has happened…they delayed, they did it partially or they grumbled about it. The reality is grumbling doesn’t mean they haven’t completed the task, it just means I’m after their heart and mind not just their actions.

Obedience to Christ will more times than not mean disobedience to the World.  Having the strength and courage to choose disobedience doesn’t often come naturally, but only through the daily choice to obey. To trust that the gains of this world are not worth comparing to the glorious riches of knowing Christ in His victories, but also in His sufferrings.

So when I heard this AMAZING lyric by Rend Collective, I was immediately in love with this song.


I pray and hope I model defiance to my children. When we look at the battle we face daily for our identity, I pray that Parker, Emery, Bradley and Judson will rebel against the standards that the world sets. Instead of adding one more thing to our calendar, I pray we will rebel against putting our kids in every imaginable activity and instead choose intentional time around our table. Instead of making decisions out of fear, I pray we will make them in faith. Instead of living in our home insulated from the world, I pray we love our neighbors and serve them well. Rather than allowing our standards to be set by what is sold in a store or in a magazine, I pray we seek the Spirit to lead and guide us in all matters. Instead of submitting to a life of playing it safe, I pray we pursue the abundant life, making much of Jesus and nothing of ourselves.

Ultimately, I pray we choose defiance for the Glory of Jesus.


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  1. Janel Thomas

    This is such good encouragement for my mom-heart today. Thank you for sharing it. As we tip-toe our way into the middle school years with our oldest, I know there will be a new wave of pressure on her (and us) to look and live like everyone else. She is already seeing that we do things “differently” and it’s not always appreciated (understatement). Lord, give our family the wisdom, discernment and strength to obey YOU, to seek YOUR approval, and to pursue YOUR plans for us. What this world offers is NOTHING compared to You.

  2. Natalie

    GURL, this. This. This.
    My hubby and I were just talking the other day about this and I love hearing your insight! Thank you!