Our Next #StewFamAdventure, Part 2

If you are lost, check out Part 1.

Basically, after much prayer and discernment, the Stew Crew is moving back to Tennessee.

We knew we had a short window to see if the Lord was opening doors for us to return to Tennessee as we were sensing this was the step we were to take for our family. If we were not moving back, we had to find a home in Rocklin quickly. Because we were specific on area, we knew finding a church role for Jason would be difficult in our time frame, so we began to lean into other areas God may be opening up.

Over the last four or five years, we have seen God narrow and shape our hearts and minds in the area of discipleship and mission. We have dove deep into the reasons we “do church” a certain way and began to really ask the questions, “Are we living like Jesus and doing the things He did?” and “Are we His disciples who are making disciples who make disciples?” Part of Jason’s role at Bridgeway was to help shape a disciple making culture with an intentional focus UP with the Father, IN with community and OUT into the world. Another part of Jason’s role has been helping Bridgeway clearly define WHO they are, WHAT their mission and values are, and HOW they are going to accomplish their call to glorify God and make disciples. He simply geeks out on all things VISION, STRATEGY, and MISSIONAL DISCIPLESHIP.

But, not only is he passionate about those things, we have had numerous others affirm his gifting in those areas. As we looked back over our 20 years of ministry, we saw a pretty clear pattern of Jason stepping into places that needed some sort of redefinition of their ministry, a transition to something different, a new vision that needed a new strategy or a foundation that needed to be laid so ministry could grow to a new level.  Jason asks hard questions, a lot of question, deep questions and the beloved WHY question.

We began to sense that maybe it was time for Jason to really lean into consulting for churches in the area of vision and mission, but we knew for that to happen, we would need to be rooted closer to family, I would need to work and it would be a huge leap of faith. So in our short time period, we decided to see what God may open up. Jason began to explore some possibilities.

AND I applied for one job.

And within in two days, I had an interview. Within a week, I had two. Within a week and a half, I had three.  And within three weeks, I had several more and then…presented with a letter of intent.

And, after much prayer and the decision to simply walk through the doors the Lord was opening even though we didn’t have all the answers, I accepted the job.

Beginning mid July, I am the new Kid’s Ministry Director at The Bridge in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

To say this is a switcheroo is an understatement, but we are THRILLED to be a part of The Bridge and I am overwhelmed with the creativity of our God. I felt the call into ministry as a college student, went to Seminary and have been in ministry alongside Jason for our entire marriage. To be able to pour into adults who love on kids each week, invest in the hearts and minds of little ones, be a support to families and encourage parents on their journey to love God and  create a home where their kiddos see HIM, is something I absolutely believe in and am excited to step into in a new and fresh way.

We are still fleshing out all the logistics of what Jason will be doing next, but what we know is that GOD is at work.

And we are coming home.





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  1. Laurie Cole

    What a fun new adventure! We are living in Columbia now. We are grounded in a church but have often thought of visiting The Bridge, as we have friends there. Maybe we will wait a while and come see you! God bless your family and many prayers for the coming weeks!

  2. Daniel Hall

    That’s incredible! Josh Howerton and I were buddies back at Union University. (Somewhere there is video of us lip syncing and dancing to JT’s “Cry Me a River”)
    What he and The Bridge have been up to is amazing. I was hoping you were going to say Chattanooga… But you’re right down the street.